Nerf & Archery Tag

When: Tue 23 Jan 2018, 9:30am
Location: Half Chain Road, Old Bar NSW 2430
Phone: 0414 955 434

• Nerf / archery tag Tuesday Dec – 19,26th Jan -2,9,16,23rd

COST $40 pp (including a drink) entry into both Nerf and Archery or if on day participants want to do one activity for the whole day they can vote on it as a group we are easy.

• Nerf wars will be held from 9:30am till 10:30am on our main field enclosed by netting. For the youngsters (and adults that want to plays with the kids) It is played with or without objectives like medic , take and hold, team squeal match (ok death match). We supply safety glasses and about 50 nerf guns to pick from, The kids put on the nerf tops supplied and will run around for in this case approximately an hour till change over to archery tag.

• Archery Anarchy will be held from 10:30am-till about 12 o’clock. Armed with full face goggles, special bow and arrows (players from 8yrs and up). Blue vs Red team , playing on any or all of our 9 paintball fields and all the objectives and missions to go with them it’s a high energy game that will leave you wanting to go watch some cow boys and Indians movies later lol. This is a low impact sport with the arrows feeling a bit like a noticeable thud there is a bit of a trick to it but it’s allot of fun.

Please note starting/finishing times are fixed it is suggested you get there a little earlier if you are late you will be able to just join in from where the games are at. You need to wear full covering shoes no thongs etc. You will play in your own clothes for this event we suggest long pants and a t-shirt but a lot of people play in shorts its up to the player. Rapidfire will provide any safety gear needed and equipment and also a experienced referee at all times.

All our staff have first aid certificates and the field has a large first aid kit. There is a toilet and a snack bar at the field and also large undercover areas with seating and safety viewing area for onlookers. There is ample parking onsite and all our gear and equipment meets current workplace safety standards, we take No short cuts to your safety and provide the best gear on the market.

Tue 23 Jan 2018, 9:30am

Half Chain Road, Old Bar, Australia

• Nerf / archery tag Tuesday Dec – 19,26th Jan -2
,9,16,23rd COST $40 pp (including a drink) entry into both
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